About the Sweetest Bride!

Hello there, and thanks for visiting my blog! I reserve this section of the web site to talk about all things baking and my experiences with brides in Indianapolis. But to launch this blog, I thought I’d tell you about my very first experience with The Sweetest Bride – its name! How did it come to existence?
The truth is, I have not always wanted to call my custom made business The Sweetest Bride! A long time ago, back in college I had an order for a wedding cake. This was a BIG deal! It was only the second wedding cake I had ever made. The stand that this couple wanted I had never used before and the bride wanted a mixture of cake and cupcakes!!!! Did I mention I was still in college??!
I invited my best friend Brendan over to help me in the bakery with a few housekeeping things. As Brendan was cutting cardboard and ribbon, I was making the most amazing custom-made cake batter you can imagine! Well… The lady I rented a kitchen from owned a cat and liked to bring the pet to work. So you can imagine my complete furry, shock, disappointment, and how taken aback I was when the kitchen owner’s cat dipped its entire paw into my top quality, freshly made cake batter I was making when it had snuck into the kitchen!!!!!!! Naturally, what did Brendan say??? Just “Don’t Tell the Bride!!” OF COURSE I remade this amazing custom-made wedding cake batter but what he said stuck with me for a while!!
For the remainder of my college years I joked that when I opened a Bakery, I was going to name it “Don’t Tell the Bride” because it was the cleverest and most creative name I had ever heard of!! As I moved to Indianapolis and began to build my business here I thought of many different names…some of which were the “Frosted Bride,” “Fairy Tale Wedding Cakes” and “Hansel and Gretel Wedding Cakes.” As you might have guessed “The Sweetest Bride” took the cake so to speak, but “Don’t Tell the Bride” will always have a special place in my heart!!